Willow Springs Schoolhouse

The present Willow Springs Schoolhouse property was provided by a private individual to the community as a site for a grade school and by1924 the schoolhouse and outbuildings were built by the local citizens and ready for use. The school was first known as the Voorheis School until about 1932 when it assumed the name Willow Springs School. From the beginning, the schoolhouse and outbuildings were installed and maintained by members of the local community, as the facility was the property of the Willow Springs Elementary School District. When the school was closed in June 1955, the schoolhouse and grounds continued as a community center, continuing to be maintained by the Willow Springs Community Club and used for local functions. Many people in the community often refer to the Willow Springs schoolhouse fondly as the “Little Red Schoolhouse” as it is right along Highway 16 and many people pass it going in and out of the county.

Over the last years we have been able to restore the inside of the schoolhouse and have completed a new septic system and new well. Now, we are focusing on the restrooms. Since we re-established the well and septic we can now start to put in new restrooms. Given the history of the schoolhouse and its planned continued use, the Willow Springs community hopes to move forward with these upgrades. The community has increased in size over the past 20 years, and there is now a growing demand for the schoolhouse to continue serving as a Community Center for local meetings and special events.

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